CB's Auto Tire Service

Providing The Best Service
At The Best Price!

Providing The Best At The Best Prices!!!

 Here at CB's Auto Tire & Service, we strive to achieve excellence with our service.

 At CB’s  Auto  Tire & Service,  we specialize in  minor repairs and service. Some of our services include oil  changes, tire repairs, brakes, fluid exchange, as well as new and used tires.


 Along with our tire sales are custom wheels,  where we branch off into our other line of service,  “Performance & Custom Fabs.” Not only will we keep your vehicle mechanically maintained, but we can and will also assist in maintaining your vehicle’s appearance. That’s where we take over by installing custom lifts to install the size wheels you want on your vehicle.

Our custom  line of s service includes custom wheels, custom lifts, fabrications, engine performance, custom painting, and window tinting. So let us help your vehicle keep a unique style!


Come see us about our low tire price and other available services.

We supply the best service at the best prices. We use only quality and name brand parts with the most reasonable prices.

Located in Elizabeth City, NC.